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Patrick Chammas was born in Los Angeles, California August 10th 1987. I graduated from Burbank High School in June 2005. I was born with a passion for music and the outdoors. As a kid, it was impossible to get me to stay inside the house. I was always outside skateboarding, biking or just causing trouble. When I was forced to stay inside I spent the majority of my time playing guitar, piano or listening to music. When I was 16 I began hiking, I don’t know what it was but this really awakened something within me. The feeling I would get summiting a mountain after miles of suffering is indescribable. I was hooked, it fed the demon in me that ...

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Sergeant Kyle Lonas was born on March 11, 1988 in Olney, Illinois. As a sophomore in high school, Kyle realized he wanted join the military and did so upon graduating. During bootcamp he became a Platoon Honor Man and attained meritorious promotion to PFC. In 2008, he became a Lance Corporal and in 2009 he deployed with the 1st Battalion, 1st Marines on the 13th MEU. Kyle then attained promotion to Corporal and deployed again in 2010 with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines to Sangin, Afghanistan. When his active duty contract was over in 2011, he returned home to Mount Vernon, Illinois and spent 6 months in the reserves where he was promoted to Sergeant...

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