The Heroes Project Expedition Application

    The Heroes Project Eligibility Criteria

    Who is eligible:

    All men and women who have incurred a traumatic physical or mental injury no matter the circumstance.

    Do we require outdoor experience?

    Although beneficial, we do not require any prior climbing or outdoor experience

    What is your time commitment?

    Plan on your training and expedition to take 6 months or more from start to completion. Commitment to weekly training, plan on 4 days a week at a location close to you with an approved trainer and program and one full weekend day with planned overnights as training ramps up.

    Where will we take you?

    That all depends. We are interested in your opinion, but we put you on the summit of the mountain that makes the most sense for your journey. Of course we take into account your physical abilities, your mental status, the weather, and the calendar. Trust us, you are going to fall in love with your summit.

    Support Team:

    THP veterans, THP staff, and our climbing experts will be your most valuable technical support during your training and the expedition itself. But, it’s imperative to have a strong personal support team. Please make sure your loved ones are aware of your time commitment and how it will impact your life/family.


    Because of our amazing sponsors, all of your expedition gear will be provided.


    Once you have applied, gone through a general interview process, and have been accepted, we ask that you become a THP team member through and through. We love social media, we thrive on your hard work and sweat, we love your family and friends committing to your journey and the badassery that goes with it. Team THP is a fraternity of kick ass and we want you to jump in whole-heartedly.

    To Apply:

    We just need your name, email address, phone number, and a brief paragraph about your journey so far and why you are interested in joining team THP. There is no harm in applying. And believe us, we will change your life.

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