Our Story

THE HEROES PROJECT makes the impossible a reality by empowering injured war veterans through physical and emotional training, allowing them to explore the farthest reaches of themselves and the world they live in.  These expeditions challenge the severely wounded to redefine their personal limits post injury.  The Heroes Project inspires our injured military veterans to find purpose, both physically and mentally, and ignites others to do the same.

The core work of The Heroes Project includes three initiatives:


The Heroes Project creates training and expedition programs for wounded marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen and veterans. Through these therapeutic, challenging and transformative experiences, THP is able to truly change lives. The physical experience of conquering these challenges is only part of the process. The mental preparation for these treks is equally as valuable. The Heroes Project has put our injured war veterans on some of the highest summits of the world conquering every challenge we set. Our philosophy of devoting our resources to one veteran at time has a proven ripple effect, impacting lives in a greater and more prophetic way.


The Heroes Project aims to encourage and expand the community that supports our nation’s heroes. We have developed an extensive network of core support by connecting our donors, supporters and veterans. The Heroes Project also promotes and augments the efforts of other organizations working within this community across the country thereby strengthening impact. Click here to learn more about this task force and our partners in this mission.


On each expedition, The Heroes Project captures footage of our heroes’ journeys to recovery. These stories of strength, resilience, and the ability to triumph over the impossible will be used as part of our outreach and empowerment programs to inspire the masses, whether veteran or civilian. The Heroes Project has been highlighted in the media countless times for its success stories and focused education on veteran’s rehabilitation, enabling our heroes to speak directly to the community.  Click here to see selections of stories on The Heroes Project and our team of veterans.