Dario Grant is a United States Marine Corps veteran and an Associate Clinical Social Worker in California. Assigned to 2nd Battalion 1st, Marine 1st Marine Division, Dario deployed with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit- Special Operations Capable to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. After leaving military service, Dario entered sales as District Sales Manager with the JM&A Group. He then decided to return to public service, and began working for the County of Los Angeles' Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Military and Veteran Affairs (MVA), and eventually with the Department of Mental Health Veteran Peer Access Network (DMH-VPAN). Dario connects with veterans experiencing homelessness, mental health issues, and other severe challenges. When Dario participated in his first Climb for Heroes event, it felt like home to him and the THP community was a perfect match for all of us. We are excited to welcome Dario to Team THP as our grant writer. He will be aiding in the process of applying for funding for our upcoming Veteran Retreat Center. Welcome aboard Dario!